The Dr. Ardis Show ~ Jan. 17th

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The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. Bryan Ardis
– Preventing Cervical Diseases.
Wednesday Jan 17th ~ Edition [Duration 50:24]
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🟒 Dr Bryan Ardis is a retired Chiropractor, Certified Acupuncturist and Nutritionist. He is married to his beautiful wife Jayne, and they live in Dallas, TX, along with their 8 children. In Jan 2004, The Ardis Healing Center of the Smokies was opened and served thousands of patients in the East TN region. In 2009, Dr Ardis sold his TN practice, and opened his second clinic in Frisco, TX. In 2018 the clinic was sold to Dr. Tregellas and is still serving people worldwide, under the new name, The North Texas Healing Center.
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Dr. Bryan Ardis has a passion for inspiring, encouraging, educating, and extending hope to people all over the world in the way of health, wellness, and vibrant living. Natural News
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