Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits ~ 4/10

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Orthodox Jew Andrew Meyer talks with Mike Adams about Israel, Gaza, globalism, faith and anti-Semitism.
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– Corruption in government agencies, particularly the FDA, CDC, and NIH, and their involvement in weaponizing science against human (0:00)
– The history of chronic fatigue syndrome and its links to government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. (4:26)
– Suppressed cancer and AIDS cures, government corruption. (8:30)
– COVID-19 cures and vaccine development. (15:10)
– Using natural remedies to treat diseases, including COVID-19 and prostate cancer. (19:39)
– Weaponized biotech industry and medical science establishment. (23:41)
– Organic food, toxins, and cancer prevention. (31:12)
– Mushrooms, DNA methylation, and whistleblowers. (36:42)
– Decentralized tech for free speech and emergency communication. (42:21)
The April 10th ~ Podcast [Duration 48:00]
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